BLOCS is a new model new music company. BLOCS is pan-Wales, with bases in Cardiff, Carmarthen, Swansea and Wrexham, and working with artists across the areas of management, live, and releases, with each working relationship tailored to meet the particular needs of each artist project.

We aim to ensure more sustainable careers for those wishing to work in music in Wales.

We’ve selected 13 artists the opportunity to take part in Building BLOCS – a three month development programme tailored to individual needs, projects and outcomes. These music industry consultancy surgeries will be delivered by the experienced BLOCS team.

The 13 artists selected are: Aleighcia Scott, Artshawty, Blank Face, Cupsofte, Mace The Great, Ify Iwobi, Kinnigan, Mandane DS, Minas, Niques, Noah Bouchard, The Honest Poet & YazMean.

Surgeries (taking place over the internet) have the capacity to support and cover all aspects of the music industry – from marketing, networking, tips on production/songwriting, live show development, strategy, wider industry knowledge and more. 


Each artist will have a development session tailored to their specific needs and will be able to draw upon the knowledge and experience of each BLOCS mentor.

Outcomes for each artist are tailored to each individual, but they may include:

  • 2 year music industry development plan mapped out
  • Live show development
  • Maximising your revenue streams (e.g. Sync / songwriting)
  • Social media & marketing training
  • International opportunities
  • Album / Single campaigns mapped out
  • Networking / contacts shared

Applications have now closed.